7 Cost-Efficient Ways to Winterize Your Home ...


There are several great reasons you should winterize your home. You'll stay warmer, you're being more environmentally responsible, and you can save money. In my neck of the woods, the winter's been surprisingly mild so far, but it won't stay that way. Whether you're preparing for colder temperatures or already dealing with them, take some time to winterize your home so you can conserve energy while staying toasty.

1. Reverse Your Ceiling Fans

You might not think you can adequately winterize your home with something so simple, but I promise, it works. My dad taught me this method. Every winter, he and my mother go through their house reversing their ceiling fans, which can be accomplished with a little switch above the light socket. Heat rises, and by reversing the direction of your fans, they will pull up warm air and circulate it around. It's a neat trick, and definitely noticeable.

Sacrifice the Hot Showers
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