Couponing is Not Just for Poor Girls ...


Couponing is Not Just for Poor Girls ...
Couponing is Not Just for Poor Girls ...

Do you think couponing is just for poor girls? Think again!

Often, we gals want something expensive, but we have exhausted our funds on food, toiletries, etc. What if we needed money for a new pair of shoes, clothes, perfume, jewelry, cellular phones, laptops, etc.

Enter coupons.

You know the show "Extreme Couponing". Wouldn't be nice to be like them? Well, you do not need to go extreme, but some coupons here and there just might do the trick. So, where do you begin?

Well, you could:

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Have People Give You Their Unwanted Sunday Newspaper Coupon Inserts


Place a Coupon Box at Your Local Church or Library


Host a Coupon Party/swap

I think that holding a coupon gathering is the neatest! You could have good food, good fellowship and save money!

But, you ask, where do I begin?

The following links show you just what to do!

Not hard is it?

Although you may not be poor, being a little frugal has it's advantages.

Happy shopping!

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