Are You Using These Credit Card Perks? ...


In all likelihood, there are a few credit card perks that you're forgetting to use. Having a credit card in your wallet can provide peace of mind during an emergency. And if you're looking to establish credit, getting a credit card is a good start. But there are more benefits to using a credit card than these. And there's a good chance that your credit cards offer amazing perks. Here's a look at seven credit card perks you might be forgetting about.

1. Car Renter's Insurance

Car rental insurance is one of several credit card perks you might be forgetting. If you book a rental car, the company may offer supplementary insurance in case you're in a crash. This way, you don't have to use your personal insurance to cover damages. But if you're renting a car with your credit card, your card issuer may offer free rental coverage. Not all credit cards offer this perk, so you'll need to call your credit card company for details.

Payment Protection
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