7 Crucial Reasons to Fire Your Bank as Soon as Possible ...


Can you think of good reasons to fire your bank? If you’ve had a long-term relationship with your bank or credit union, leaving might be the last thing on your mind. On the other hand, if your bank has changed a lot in recent years or months, now might be the right time to consider other possibilities. Not that you should hastily turn your back on your bank, but if you’re generally unhappy, here are seven possible reasons to fire your bank.

1. Limited ATM Network

Do you need reasons to fire your bank? If you have a relationship with a small community bank, you may experience limited ATM access. Your bank may only have one or two ATMs in the immediate area, which forces you to use ATMs outside your network. This can result in expensive ATM fees that can eat away at your balance.

Inconvenient Locations
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