7 Currencies That Have Disappeared ...


Many of the traditional European monies became extinct currencies, being replaced by the Euro, but there have been currencies throughout history and around the world that, for one reason or another, have disappeared. Extinct currencies might be because they were simply replaced when a country gained independence, or because simple history, technology and human development took over. Here are 7 interesting extinct currencies.

1. The Shekel

The first Zionist congress was arguably the most significant Jewish event of the nineteenth century. Held in Basle during August 1897, it formulated a programme that saw the Shekel introduced and the creation of the World Zionist Organisation, which ultimately influenced the origin of the State of Israel. The Shekel possessed not only a high political value, but also a moral one and following the introduction of now extinct currencies, such as special Shekalim, like the โ€œCountryโ€ and โ€œMizrahi Shekelโ€ among others, it was unified in 1925 at the fourteenth congress. The Shekel today remains the emblem of Zionist democracy, with the prestige and power in any country of the Zionist movement, dependent on the number of Shekel holders.

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