The Simplest DIY Business Card Maker in the World ...

By Sanjai

The Simplest  DIY Business Card  Maker  in the World  ...

You are going to love what a DIY business card maker can do for you. If you are an entrepreneur running or starting a one-person business, getting a business card designed is one of the three thousand things that you have to get done. And if you are anything like me you have no clue how Photoshop works and not in your wildest of dreams can you imagine coughing out that kind of money for a 'designing software'.

Plus my aesthetic sense at it's best is - "I don't know what's wrong with the design, but I don't think the font matches with my brand font". With all this, what happens when you need a business card? I was in a similar situation recently and I needed a business card for a small side venture that I had started. So I did what anyone would do - I went online and searched for options. Turns out Canva is the best choice. But there were so many customizations I just got overwhelmed and it just didn't fit. The designs I created were looking wrong and I did not know why. And after a while I was perplexed. After looking for a bit more and I found this tool called MakeBizCards. I was struck by it's simplicity.

There are a lot of unique templates that match what I was looking for. I just selected one added my details, logo and brand colors. It took me like 30 seconds and it was looking good. So I started looking for more options and when I selected another one what I saw was rather surprising. The website remembered and automatically filled all my details into the new card. I really liked it so I pressed download, entered my email and got the design.

If you need a DIY business card maker you can check them out on MakeBizCards

I just love it. Haven't seen anything simpler than this. Plus most of the templates are free.

Note: I am not affiliated with them in any way, just a fan who is so happy that I can't stop raving.

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