Wonderful Tips for Girls to Follow if They Haven't Landed a Job by Graduation ...


Wonderful Tips for Girls to Follow if They Haven't Landed a Job by Graduation ...
Wonderful Tips for Girls to Follow if They Haven't Landed a Job by Graduation ...

With graduation looming and still no job to walk into, you might be getting stressed. Firstly, remember the job market is incredibly competitive so don’t beat yourself up about it. Instead, concentrate your strategies and focus on positive things that keep you moving forward to the career you want.

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Don’t Compare Yourself to Others: It is Completely Fruitless

eyewear, person, eye glass accessory, sunglasses, profession, Everybody is different and we all find our true callings and success at different rates. You are not less likely to make it if your friend gets a job before you do.


Find a Part Time Job to Bridge the Gap between College and Forever

person, costume, Don’t sit and mope around because you can’t go straight into your full time dream job. Be proactive and try to find part time work in your chosen field so you can build experience.


If Part Time Isn’t an Option, then Make the Most of Your Time by Volunteering

hair, person, blond, hairstyle, lip, There are literally thousands of charitable organizations that would love to have your help. Doing volunteer work is great for your resume and it also makes a difference to the wider world.


Change Your Perspective Because Perhaps You Wanted Too Much Too Soon

hair, film, You may have had dreams about leaving college and walking straight into an amazing job, but this is the real world remember. Don’t beat yourself up for not achieving a fairy tale.


Start Blogging and Use Your Free Time to Build a Portfolio

grocery store, If your dream job involves something that can be seen online, then spend your time blogging to build up a portfolio of work that will come in handy at future interviews.


Tick off a Few Bucket List Activities While You Wait for the Right Job

person, profession, Use your free time in a positive way but ticking off some of the bucket list activities that have been building up over the years. Once you are in full time employment you may not get the chance.


Build a Network of Contacts through Informational Interviews

major appliance, Be as proactive as you can be by putting out requests for informational interviews with people whose careers you aspire to. It will be a contact made and valuable knowledge gained.


Find a Mentor to Guide You through the Tricky Process

flower, rose, text, plant, close up, Whether it’s a family friend or an old college professor, having somebody to turn to when you are struggling with the job hunt is invaluable.


Launch a Business of Your Own to Cut out the Middle Man

cartoon, Can’t find a company to hire you? Why not start one of your own? This is incredibly easy especially if you are in the arts, as sites like Etsy have made it incredibly easy to showcase your talents and make money.


Look Abroad for Work That Isn’t Here for You at Home

clothing, dress, outerwear, It might seem drastic, but applying for jobs in foreign countries can bring great success, and opens you up to a whole new and exciting chapter in your life.


Be Patient 'cos You Will Be Okay in the End

bengal, small to medium sized cats, cat, pet, cheetah, You can’t expect everything to happen in an instant. Again, this is real life and sometimes things take a lot longer than you would like. Just hang in there!


Create a Routine to Stay as Positive and Proactive as Possible

tourism, mobile device, Structure your day in such a way that you wake up and go to bed at appropriate working times. It will make you feel more like an adult and less like a student!


Make the Most of Social Media to Boost Your Chances

person, Use your social media platforms in such a way that could get you noticed by those who you wish to work for. Make wise choices and don’t post anything controversial that could hurt your chances later on.


Perhaps Broaden Your Job Search to Increase Your Chances

anime, gadget, mobile device, outerwear, You might not be able to go straight into your dream job. Instead widen your options and be open to more possibilities; the offers will come thick and fast.


Be Persistent and Don’t Give up without a Good Fight

, Don’t lose all of your confidence because you weren’t successful in your first few applications. Just keep working and the rewards will come.


Be Aware of Your Limitations so That You Stay in Control

religion, anime, mobile device, gadget, Though it’s good to widen your net and perspective, there is no point in going for things that are way out of your comfort zone; it won’t end well.


Don’t Panic! You Are Going to Get through This Period!

child, One day you will look back on this time in your life and laugh. It might seem like life or death right now, but you are going to be absolutely fine in the end and be rewarded with a job that you really love.

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