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Do You Really Hate Your Job? or Are You Just Bored?

By Neecey

Do you hate hearing the alarm knowing you’ve got to get up to work? Is your commute full of dread for the day that stretches for seemingly endless hours ahead? We spend so much of our life at work and if we’re not happy with our job, it impacts our overall wellbeing and happiness. But you might not be making the most of your work and it might not be the job you hate. You might just be bored. How do you tell?

1 When Was the Last Time You Learnt Something New at Work?

Most jobs have a very repetitive edge to them. Most people have to do the same things over and over again, and after a while, it grinds us down. If you are learning new things at work, then you may still be bored, but at least your working day experiences change. If you rarely learn new things at work, then you have every reason to be bored and should consider taking a new job.

2 Do You Have “Very” Good Friends at Work?

Even the worst jobs in the world can become bearable if you happen to work with a few characters. These are people that you would want to spend your day with even if you were not at work. If you have very good friends at work, it is quite possible you hate your job, and you may even be bored, but you should think hard before quitting. Even if you look for another job, try to get your friends jobs too. You could change jobs, but transfer the atmosphere and camaraderie.


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3 Do You Hate Mornings?

You’ve guessed it, if you hate mornings then you hate your job. It is a classic symptom. People that really hate their jobs will also stay up late, just because they know when they go to bed, they are one step closer to going to work. If you hate mornings, then you hate your job and should look for another.

4 Are the People at Work Worse than the Job?

There is a good chance you would like your job if you worked with the right people. There is a chance you are simply bored with your co-workers. It is even worse if you actually hate your co-workers because they are spoiling your working experience.

5 Are You Constantly Depressed or Negative at Work?

Contrary to what you may believe, it very likely that you are depressed or negative because you are bored at work. We allow ourselves to sink into depressed and negative thought patterns (headspaces) when we are bored. There is a good chance that you hate your job, but the root cause may actually be that you are bored. If you spiced up your job or took on new responsibilities, there is a chance your mental health may improve.

6 Do You Have Frequent Sick Days?

This is a classic sign that a person is bored of their job. You can like a job and still take a lot fake sick days. The main reason you take sick days is because you are bored of your job and want a longer rest from it.

7 How Many of Your Skills Are Going to Waste?

If you feel you have a batch of fantastic skills that are never used, then over time you are going to grow to hate your job. Find a way of integrating them into your working day: take on extra duties; get promoted; or ship out and get another job.

8 When Was the Last Time Your Ideas Were Adopted?

Even the most bored person can come up with a few ideas. It lifts people’s spirits when their ideas are used. It helps prove they are a valued member of the team. Boredom often ensues when a team member doesn’t feel valued. It saps away any motivation to excel, which eventually leads to repetitive boredom.

9 Have Your Duties Increased but Your Pay Hasn’t?

This question was recently covered on Forbes and used as an argument to quit your job. As time goes on, you should learn more skills and take on more responsibility, but the fact is that you are at work because you are being paid to be there. You may have taken it upon yourself to become a more valued member of staff, but it is up to them to compensate you for the value you add to the company. If your answer to this question is yes, you are not bored, you have every right to dislike the company that employs you.

I count myself very lucky to absolutely love my job. How do you feel about yours? If it’s negative, what can you do to change it?

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