7 Doable Options if You're Not Earning Enough Money ...


If you're not earning enough, it might be difficult to pay your mortgage, utilities or put food on the table. Unfortunately, this is a common struggle. Between the inability to find suitable employment and higher costs-of-living, some people live paycheck to paycheck every month. However, there are ways to break the cycle. Here are seven doable options if youโ€™re not earning enough money.

1. Sell Your Car, if You Have a Payment

If youโ€™re not earning enough, selling your car can provide extra cash to cover essential expenses. Of course, this is only a good idea if you still have a car payment, or if you and your spouse have two vehicles. You can share a car with your spouse to save money; or if you absolutely need your own car, get one with a cheaper payment.

Use Public Transportation
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