7 Doable Options if You're Not Earning Enough Money ...

By Valencia

If you're not earning enough, it might be difficult to pay your mortgage, utilities or put food on the table. Unfortunately, this is a common struggle. Between the inability to find suitable employment and higher costs-of-living, some people live paycheck to paycheck every month. However, there are ways to break the cycle. Here are seven doable options if you’re not earning enough money.

1 Sell Your Car, if You Have a Payment

If you’re not earning enough, selling your car can provide extra cash to cover essential expenses. Of course, this is only a good idea if you still have a car payment, or if you and your spouse have two vehicles. You can share a car with your spouse to save money; or if you absolutely need your own car, get one with a cheaper payment.

2 Use Public Transportation

Even if you own your vehicle outright, park the car most days of the week and use public transportation, if it's available. Not only can you save on gas, you might qualify for a discount with your auto insurance provider. This can free up enough cash to pay a utility bill or buy groceries.

3 Clean out Your Closet and Profit

If you’re not earning enough money, generate quick cash by selling a few of your personal belongings. Walk through your house and look for items that you don't need. Maybe there's old furniture sitting in your basement, or electronics that you haven't used in months. Let your trash become someone else's treasure. If you sell enough of your stuff, you might earn a nice little profit.

4 Ask for a Raise

Walking into your supervisor’s office and asking for a pay raise can be scary. However, if you’ve done your research and feel that you qualify for a higher salary, you have nothing to lose. Your boss will either say yes or no. If the company can't give a raise, ask for overtime.

5 Re-evaluate Your Housing

Moving from a house or apartment that you love is a tough decision. But if you're not earning enough money, reducing your housing expense makes a big difference. Another option, look for a roommate and share household expenses. This way, you can stay in your home, yet save money.

6 Freelance

Although I have an English degree, I didn't start freelance writing until I made the decision to pay off debt. Likewise, you can take your talent and turn it into a freelance career. For example, if you have marketing experience, you might moonlight as a marketing consultant or create copy for marketing firms. Or if you have writing skills, blog and provide others with insight. Freelance opportunities are endless. If you can do a little in the mornings, the evenings or on the weekends, this can provide money to supplement your income.

7 Stick with the Essentials

Sometimes, the fact that you’re not earning enough calls for extreme measures. With that said, eliminate unnecessary expenses and only pay for the essentials to make ends meet. What does this mean? Well, you can get rid of cable, cancel Netflix, buy generic brands, and stop eating out.

Unfortunately, you can't snap your fingers and produce extra cash in your bank account. However, there are ways to get through financially hard times. Keep your head up, make sacrifices and patiently wait for better times.

What steps have you taken to earn additional cash?

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