5. Coupon What You Can

Every week, I check online for coupons, but only for ones I’ll actually use. I don’t advise just buying things because you have a coupon for them. Instead, buy items that you already purchase, and see if you can find coupons for those. This prevents you from buying things you don’t need, and many times, coupons for certain items are for higher priced brands than the store brands anyway.

This means you’re not really saving money. I recommend buying generic brands when you can. If nothing else, read the ingredient list, even on cleaning products and bath and beauty products. If the generic brand is the same in terms of ingredients, try it! You might be surprised just how great it works. Also, check on actual store websites for coupons, along with coupon websites such as coupons.com, couponmom.com, and southernsaver.com. All are great coupon sources that I recommend checking out each week for the best overall savings.

Use Your Phone’s Calendar
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