7 Easy Ways to Make Money in College without Working Your Life Away ...


7 Easy Ways to Make Money in College without Working Your Life Away ...
7 Easy Ways to Make Money in College without Working Your Life Away ...

When you are the typical broke college student living off ramen, these ways to make money in college might come in handy. As college students, we are crunched for time and don’t have the energy to work tons of jobs to make extra money. We need easy jobs that won’t cut into our academic and social lives. Here are some of the easy ways to make money in college. I can hear the ker-ching already.

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Tutoring is one of the best ways to make money in college because you not only get to help yourself, you get to help others. When you tutor others, you are helping them achieve better grades in school and maybe even improve their overall academic career. And you might seem some improvement in your own grades after going over the same study material over and over again. It is a win-win for everyone involved.


Start a Blog

Why not take your interests, whatever they may be, and share your expertise with the world. You might question how you can make money with a blog, but once you start posting and gaining some followers, you can sell ad space on your blog. Blogs are the perfect way to express yourself creatively and share your world with others, while making some extra cash on the side. And the best part is you are your own boss so you can post what you what, when you feel like it.



It sounds a bit high school-ish, but babysitting is a good way to make money no matter how old you are. In any college town, there are teachers, faculty, and even locals who are in need of someone to look after their children. Ask your teachers if they are in need of a babysitter or post some flyers around town describing your skills as a babysitter. You can babysit on the weekdays and study after the kids have gone to bed or you can babysit on the weekends and go out with your friends after the parents come back.


Donate Plasma

So it sounds really weird, but donating plasma is one of the easiest ways to make money in college. Plasma is a component of your blood that helps your blood clot after an injury. While most people’s bodies produce it easily, there a variety of disorders that leave people in need of plasma. Most college campuses have a lab where you can donate your plasma for a good sum of money. All you have to do is sit there for about 15 minutes hooked up to a machine. You can even use the time to study or do homework. And the best part of it all is that you are helping saving lives.


Note Taker

You go to class every day and take very detailed notes to study from, so why not make money from those notes? Most college campuses have companies that will pay for your notes and then sell them to other students who are not as on top of their academic game as you are. One of the best things about having a job as note taker is that it motivates you to go to class and stay focused on taking great notes because your job literally depends on it.


Research Subject

Don’t worry, being a research subject doesn’t mean being a lab rat. Actually most research tests take the well-being of it’s subjects very seriously. And most of them include taking surveys or filling out tests on the computer. Check out your school's research website and see what subjects are needed. If you feel comfortable doing some, see how much they are paying and you are on your way to advancing the field of science while getting paid.


Food Delivery

If you have a car on campus and a few nights a week to kill, why not become a delivery girl? It is a pretty easy job and you get tons of tips. Food shops are always in need of new drivers so ask around and see who is hiring. You might even get some free meals out of it.

There are not tons of employment options as college students, but these ideas are some easy ways to make a few extra bucks without dying from work exhaustion. What did you think of these ways to make money in college? What are some other ways to make money in college? Did you ever have a job in college?

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And I thought this post was gonna say become a stripper

Fantastic ideas in this article. I'm forwarding this to my sister.

I thought selling notes was prohibited and frowned upon?

These sound really easy, especially the blogging:-)

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