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Tips for being a good manager are important if you are looking to gain the respect of your associates. It can be a hard job as a manager! It’s no loss of face for anyone to admit they might need tips for being a good manager. Finding that balance of respect, fear and friendship among your staff and colleagues is no easy road. Even someone who thinks they are a good ‘people person’ knows they can benefit from advice on ways to be a better manager! The whole team performs well under effective leadership so if you’re an existing leader looking to improve, or a starter with ambitions of promotion, here are some tips for being a good manager.

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Improve Communication Skills

Of all the essential tips for being a good manager, communication is the one that lays at the heart of everything. Without excellent communication you can’t connect with your employers and motivate them, and you may also leave the door open for misinterpretation and confusion. You must practice communication as much as you can, and ask for feedback to eliminate your weaknesses.


Effectively Manage Time

Time management is one of the key ways to be a better manager. Keeping a tight schedule for yourself and for your team increases productivity and gets results delivered sooner. Even if things fall behind schedule, the fact that you have set deadlines means that you and your team will work as hard as possible when deadlines have been passed. Making good use of your time is one of the best tips for being a good manager!


Effectively Manage Money

If you are the sole manager of a small company, then knowing how to manage money decreases your outgoings and keeps your finances as healthy as they can be. A common mistake is to ignore the smaller costs, because they can add up before you notice it. Be sure to keep track of any and all costs as one of the best ways to manage better. But in the long run, any unnecessary extra costs can build significantly, so make sure you are diligent right down to the pennies.


Improve Yourself

You should always be looking to improve your leadership abilities, and study tips for being a better manager. Avoid the pitfalls of arrogance and complacency, and never think that you can never get any better. Your superiors will notice if you are putting work into learning ways to manage better, so make sure to put out the effort!


Lead as Well as Manage

Leading is an important part of managing. Managing ensures that the workplace is running as it should, and also mitigates problems and setbacks, but on it's own, managing is not enough. Your subordinates must have a connection with you and be in some way inspired by you, and leadership is important in making this happen. Without a shepherd, the sheep will wander aimlessly. This is an important tip for being a good manager!


You Are Only as Good as Your Team

Even if you are a skilled and highly experienced manager, it is difficult to make any ground if your team is lacking. A good piece of advice for being a good manager is not to be afraid to admit when employees are not good enough, and not to be afraid to put your foot down when things are not right. Always be tactful and kind, but remember that you reflect your team and your team reflects you! If someone on your team doesn't quite reach priorities, it is up to you to address the issue or else look as though you are not doing your job.


Use Team Building

Here's a great tip for being a good manager! Your team not only needs to connect well with you, they need to connect well with each other. Team building exercises in both professional and social settings will help employees connect and build rapport with each other. This will improve morale and well-being! And in turn, this gives you better results and a workplace atmosphere that flows better.


Motivation is Important

This is one of the best tips for being a good manager, especially for increasing productivity in the short term. You must understand what your team wants, and let them know how you will help them get it! Offering praise, feedback and giving frequent talks is good for motivation. At the same time, your team must know what you want from them, so make sure to let them know in clear terms what is needed from them in order to be a strong, balanced team.


Learn and Practice Ethical Management

Ethics is important for keeping you out of trouble in today’s litigious society, and for providing a pleasant and friendly workplace. Ensure this so that your team can deliver better results! Make sure you study and implement the rules of business ethics. This is one of my top tips for being a better manager!


Take Time off

A good tip for being a manager (but one that is often neglected) is to take time-off. When you are in the managerial mind-set, it can be hard to switch off, and this can lead to a build-up of stress without you realizing it. You don't want this to affect your ability to do your job properly! When you take time off, you don’t have to just sit there and do nothing, you can try doing new things and explore other aspects of yourself. That's my number one tip for being a better manager!

There are no perfect way to be a good manager. Being a successful leader means being adaptable and flexible in your approach, being willing to accept that things sometimes go wrong and accepting that there are always other ways to manage better. Hope these few ways to be a better manager helped you out today! Please comment below if you have any fabulous tips for being a good manager or any experiences of your own to share!

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