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10 Fabulous Things to Spend Your Money on This Year ...

By Jordin

Trying to figure out what things to spend your money on this year? Spending money can be fun, but when you don’t have a lot of it, it’s important to pick and choose which items are worth spending top dollar on. Here is a list I put together of the absolute top things to spend your money on in 2013 and not regret the investments! Please keep reading to learn how to prioritize and figure out what big items pay themselves off in the long run.

1 Bills

Kind of practical, and maybe even a no-brainer, but paying off bills is certainly one of the important things to spend your money on this year! Think about it: do you really want to spend the New Year with a cloud of debt hanging over your head? Some bills may take a little more time to pay off, such as car loans, student loans, or house payments, so be realistic. But when you DO have extra money, put it towards those bills to become debt free!

2 A Vacation

Here is a suggestion that is certainly NOT practical, and some may even consider vacationing a waste of time and money. But the benefits to vacationing (and the reason why I’ve included it in this list) far outweigh the disadvantages to the time and money required. Taking time to get away from responsibilities and stresses of life to just relax is important to your health, both mentally and physically. Work, school, and other factors can wear your body and spirit out to the point of exhaustion, so take that time to unwind and get away. You will return refreshed and ready to resume as normal!


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3 A New Car

Now, obviously, if you have already purchased a new car recently, or have one in great working order, this tip doesn’t apply. However, if you have struggled for most of your life with cars that aren’t top-notch, consider buying yourself a good quality vehicle this year. You may need to put more money into this investment than you would prefer, but remember that having a reliable car will pay for itself. You can make steady payments on your loan, increasing as you have extra money to spend!

4 Something You Have Always Wanted

If there is a certain item you have always wished for, or had your eye on, make this year the year that your dream becomes a reality! It could be something like taking art classes, to traveling to Europe, or just purchasing your own place. Whatever you desire, make it a reality this year! That’s a good investment.

5 A Baby

Have you been putting off starting or growing your family in favor of your education or career? I always applaud those who have insured a good future for their family by securing an education and a bank account first! Why not “take the plunge” this year and have a baby? Babies are a lot of work and a lot of time and money, but there’s no time like the present time. If you’re in a position to where you can support and care for a baby, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t.

6 Family Portraits

Family portraits are always a good investment. You will want to have pictures to hang on your walls, hand out to family members, and look back on in the years to come. You can usually secure a photographer or a studio for a fair price, so this is actually one item on my list that shouldn’t break the bank.

7 Good Food

Most of us make New Year' resolutions to eat better…make yours count this year! Stop spending your grocery money on junk food items and prepackaged, processed meals. Instead, spend it on fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, fresh and wholesome dairy products, and lean meats. Your body and your wallet will thank you!

8 A Gym Membership

Physical exercise of any sort is never a waste. Even if you can only spare time for the gym once or twice a week, it will be worth the investment. Gyms usually offer more than just workout equipment; there are pools, fitness and nutrition classes, support groups, fitness instructors and experts, competitions, and free childcare while you work out. Each gym is, of course, different, but check around and see what your local gyms offer!

9 Education

What an excellent time to further or complete your education! A new year, a fresh start. If you’ve never finished high school or college, take this year to invest your money on that road. And if you have always wanted to get started taking extra classes or college courses, use this year to that advantage! An education is never a waste of time or money.

10 Good Quality Items

Here is a good rule to follow in general. Never opt for the cheaper route when buying items that you need to last for a while. Some examples include vehicles, vehicle maintenance and tires, walking/running shoes, electronics you use on a daily basis such as TVs or computers, baby equipment, tools, and other things of this nature. You will find that opting for quality over price will serve you better, as you get more use for the price you pay.

This list is merely a few suggestions of things to invest in or spend your money on. While they are all great ideas, some of them may not be ideal for you at the moment, so remember, these are only tips for you to consider as things you can spend your money on in this New Year. What items do YOU plan to invest your hard-earned dollars into this year?

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