7 Fantastic Ways to save Money on Your Holiday Expenses ...


7 Fantastic Ways to save Money on Your Holiday Expenses ...
7 Fantastic Ways to save Money on Your Holiday Expenses ...

The holiday season is just around the corner, which means finding ways to save money on your holiday expenses (can you believe it's already November?!). It can be difficult to find an appropriate budget around this time of year, but with a few tips and tricks, it's definitely possible! So here are some easy to remember and handy ways to save money on your holiday expenses this year.

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Plan, Plan, Plan

One of the absolute best and most practical ways to save money on your holiday expenses this year is to plan in advance. Plan what you need to spend where and figure out with other family members how much you'll be contributing to cooking and hosting. Food expenses can really add up! Also, when it comes time for buying gifts, it's never too early to make a list of people who'll be receiving gifts from you and giving thought about specific gifts. Starting early means saving money!


Set a Realistic Budget

A budget is key for any kind of money saving goals. When you have no budget to work with, generally you tend to overspend. Thankfully I'm married to a very organized man who creates budgets and updates them daily. Without his skills in that area, I wouldn't know how much money we have to spend! So if you're struggling with coming up with a realistic budget, acquire help from someone who is good at it and whom you trust. It will make a world of difference.


Commit to Priorities First

It's so easy to get caught up in the excitement of the holidays and want to go all out with decorations, food and gifts. I keep seeing all theses awesome holiday decorations around and have to fight the urge to buy them! A great middle ground to holiday decor is searching through thrift stores and finding gently used items for very little money. Pinterest is also a great tool to use for DIY holiday decor ideas! The same goes for gifts and food- only commit to what fits in your budget.


Don't Go over the Top with Decor

During the holidays, lots of families really get into the spirit by decorating their home and yard. While this may look fun and festive, all I can think of is how much all of it cost them! Sometimes it's best to go simple by displaying a couple festive things and leaving it at that. It not only saves quite a bit of money but you'll have more of a focal piece instead of overwhelming decor.


Do Secret Santa for Christmas Gifts

My husband's family has done secret Santa (minus the kids) for years now and it works our really great. There's just too many people to buy gifts for individually, and it's actually better to get a couple really nice gifts than quite a few OK gifts that you'll probably just end up returning. It's more personal for you as the gift giver because you're able to be more thoughtful and intentional with the gift.


Look at Dollar Stores First

The dollar store is a fantastic place for stocking stuffers, cute holiday knickknacks, gift wrap and more! I would look at these stores first for essentials because you'll end up saving loads of money! I bought most all of my gift wrap at the dollar store last year and it definitely saved a lot of money. Especially because I love to wrap presents and make them beautiful to look at, the cost can add up.


Start Saving Now

Since it's already November, it's a good idea to save up extra money now for the holidays just around the corner. Having a buffer will help you during this time without having to sacrifice out of your own budget. And remember, gift giving doesn't have to be expensive- it's the thought that counts.

This time of year really is the most wonderful! Try to make it about family though, and not about consumerism! Family is much more valuable. Do you ladies have any added advice for saving money during the holidays?

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