7 Fictional Companies We Wish Were Real ...

With works of fiction come some great fictional companies. From the likes of Dickens and his Old Curiosity Shop and various legal firms to Dunder Mifflin (or Wenham Hogg in the UK) from The Office, fictional companies are as much part of the story as the characters who run them or work there. Here are some of the fictional companies you may dream about working for:

1. Wonka Industries

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Wouldnโ€™t it be fun to work in Willie Wonkaโ€™s magical factory producing tons of chocolate, candies and sweet treats? Brought to us by the crazy imagination of Roald Dahl in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Wonka Industries is full of rooms where fantastical things happen all in the name of adding to the worldโ€™s obesity problem โ€“ but hey it tastes sooo good. Sadly, this is one of the fictional companies weโ€™d never be able to work for โ€“ unless you are a 3 foot oompa-loompa.(I know some girls with fake tans so orange they might qualify!)

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