Free ❌💰 Online Courses 💻 for Girls Trying 👩 to Get an Education 🤓 ...

Free online courses are all over the place and you'll love taking advantage of them. OK sure, there is the thrill of that independence during your first year of college. You are away from home. You make new friends. You party. You join a sorority.

However, you also, find yourself staying up all night drinking tons of coffee finishing a research paper at the last minute.

You also find yourself broke.

No matter your age, girlfriend, you can take part in higher education. Are you the girl that had to work instead of going to school? Are you the girl with kids and had to stay at home? Are you the girl ineligible for grants or scholarships? Are you the girl that cannot afford to live in the dorm and have no vehicle to commute? Are you the girl that is just plain too poor?

Enter... free online courses!

I'm not joking! The following are hundreds of free courses waiting just for you!

1. Alison

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2. Open Education Database

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3. Open 2 Study

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6. Universities & Colleges Blog

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If you are the kind of girl that likes to shop, you have found the mecca of courses to choose from. Why not shop for a new education? Why not shop for free? Do it from wherever you have a computer with Wi-Fi at your own convenience.

Good luck!

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