7 Fundraiser Ideas to Raise Money Quickly ...

So, you’re trying to think of fundraiser ideas so you can get new computers for your charity office, buy food for the local pet shelter, or buy new playground equipment for your community. Fundraising is a fast, easy way to make money if you put enough effort into it. You can fundraise for almost anything. So get your friends together and read these fundraiser ideas that you can use to get those goodies you - and possibly the kitties and puppies at the shelter - need.

1. Good Old Bake Sale

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This is one of the oldest fundraiser ideas in the book. Bake sales are so simple, and that’s why they’re so effective. Who doesn’t love cupcakes and cookies? Depending on where you are, each treat can range from $1 to $5. If you’re going big, you can have a cake sale and sell them for $10 a pop.

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