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7 Good Reasons You Should Spend Money on Yourself ...

By Alicia

There are some very good reasons you should spend money on yourself. A lot of women feel like they shouldn’t spend money on themselves and this becomes even truer if they have children and a family. Sometimes they feel guilty or embarrassed after spending money, but they really shouldn't. While it is important to spend responsibly, there are some very good reasons you should spend money on yourself. Let's talk about some of the biggest ones.

1 You Need Things, Too

One of the biggest reasons you should spend money on yourself is that you need things, too. Of course it is important to meet your financial obligations and see to your family's needs if you have one. But everyone needs things and that includes you, too. You need clothing, things for your home and things for entertainment, among many others. It is absolutely okay to buy what you need and a lot of what you want.

2 It Makes You Feel Better

Spending money on yourself makes you feel better. Buying something new gives your spirits a lift. It makes you feel better. It is nice to have something new to wear or something new to enjoy in your free time. This is a great reason to buy yourself something.

3 To Reward Yourself

Another good reason to spend money on yourself is to reward yourself for something. Maybe you have hit a goal with losing weight, working out, accomplishing a goal or banishing a bad habit. You can reward yourself for a multitude of reasons. I think this is a very healthy thing to do. It makes your efforts seem worthwhile and encourages you to keep up the good work.

4 It Boosts Your Confidence

Spending money on yourself boosts your confidence. Everyone feels better when they have something new to wear or something to enjoy. Maybe you enjoy going to get your hair or nails done. This can help you to have a stronger sense of self-confidence. This is important and a very worthy end result of spending money on yourself.

5 Because You Are Worth It

You are absolutely worth spending money on. Sometimes we as women forget our worth and value. We get so focused on others that we forget about ourselves. This is not a good thing. You are worth spending money on so enjoy doing it!

6 To Take Pride in Yourself

Money is not everything. This old saying is certainly true. But spending money on yourself can make you feel better about yourself. This is especially true when it comes to spending money on your appearance. It is a great way to take pride in how you look.

7 To Make You Happy

Money itself doesn’t make you happy but it can be enjoyable to spend a little. Everyone has different things that they like to spend money on. For me, it is clothes and books. I love to wear different styles of clothing and I love to read and nothing gives me pleasure like curling up with a good book. It isn’t the money that makes you happy but the things you can do with it. Whatever it is that makes you happy, indulge yourself and spend a little on it.

These are 7 reasons you should spend money on yourself. What is your favorite way to spend money on yourself? How do you like to splurge?

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