These Careers Are Perfect for Introverts ...

Careers for introverts aren’t as difficult to find as you might think. Introverts generally enjoy working in solitude or in more one-on-one situations, rather than dealing with a large number of people at once. Thankfully, there’re many types of careers so there’s a fit for everyone. These are some popular careers for introverts that you might consider choosing from if you know that’s you.

1. Accountant

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One of the careers for introverts is accounting. Accountants usually spend a lot of their time working alone or with a small number of people. Of course, this is only one reason an introvert should choose to become an accountant. An interest in mathematics and finances is also very important. It’s important to choose a career that fits your personality in all aspects.

2. Writer

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Being a writer can be a good career choice for introverts if you’re a creative minded individual. Writers spend a lot of their time working in solitude. It’s an independent career where you are, for the most part, your own boss. While you have deadlines and certain standards to meet, managing your work load is mostly done on your own. If you do feel the need to get some social interaction, moving your office to the local coffee shop for the day can work.

3. Counselor

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Becoming a counselor can be a good choice for an introvert. It does involve a lot of interaction with others but that’s generally one-on-one. This type of interaction is usually where introverts shine their brightest. They enjoy deep conversations and counseling sessions are full of those. If you’re an introvert that feels energized when you’re helping others, being a counselor might be the right career choice for you.

4. Paralegal

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A paralegal is a profession in the legal field where you handle a lot of the behind the scenes work. A paralegal is an assistant to an attorney. The duties that a paralegal might preform would include things such as preparing legal documents and doing research for legal cases. It has a lot of background work that can suit an introverted personality. Client representation is left to the attorney.

5. Housekeeper

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A housekeeper can be a good choice of career for someone who’s introverted. Most housekeepers spend a lot of their working hours independently. There are many types of housekeeping positions. Some would involve a bit more interaction with others such as working in one home full-time. Other positions would have more independent work hours.

6. Social Media Manager

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A social media manager might not sound like the best career for an introvert but it can be. Yes, there’s a lot of interacting with others but it’s online interaction which most introverts can handle. It isn’t as overwhelming to them as dealing with people face to face can be. It’s also a job that you can push away from for a few minutes when you need a bit of complete solitude. If you’re an introvert and tech- savvy, this could be the job for you.

7. Work at Home Jobs

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There are many wonderful things about work at home jobs. They offer flexibility as well as convenience. But there’s another good point to them; they’re great for introverts. You’re working from the comfort of your own home. There’s so many different options to choose from in the work at home field that there’s practically something for everyone’s personality.

These are 7 careers for introverts to consider. What direction are you leaning in choosing a career? I’m anxious to read your comments.

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