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By Neecey

Most cars are great, but let’s face it great cars under $18,000 are even better! I’ve just bought a new (replacement) car and boy did I get myself into a pickle trying to find the right one within my budget. So lucky ladies, here it is, my concise guide to the best cars under $18,000, in no particular order and in my opinion only! As long as you aren’t interested in mechanical reliability, engine sizes and revs per minute, I can confidently say these are 8 Great Cars Under $18,000.

1 Ford Fiesta

Ford is making a great big beautiful splash in the smaller car market these days, and at the very top of the pile is the very sexy and compact Ford Fiesta. The Fiesta is a classy little car from every angle and a variety of hit reviews have included ‘great looking’ and ‘better interior’ and even more importantly its fun. So do yourself a big favor and get yourself one as soon as you can fit in a trip to your local car lot.

2 Honda Fit

The Honda Fit is an excellent little car, and it scores extra points for having very economic gas consumption. The optional extras which are available include a sat nav system and an iPod dock. Definitely one of the better cars under $18,000, I’ve also heard a whisper that it is a blast to drive.

3 Honda Civic

Bear with me on this one, I understand that the Civic isn’t the first car that pops into your head when you are thinking ‘cool’, but have another look at the new Civic. I think you’ll like what you see, especially the futuristic new shape of the exterior and the updated style of the interior. It is also available with options such as leather seats and GPS.

4 The Elantra Touring

As well as being a techie’s dream, the Touring also has an innovative exterior design and a classy and spacious interior. This is definitely one of the best cars under $18,000 for those of you who need to transport small people. The Touring also features up to the minute technology including USB connectivity.

5 Kia Soul

The Soul has one of the biggest interiors I’ve ever seen in a compact. The body is like a van and is one of the best cars under $18,000 if you have to regularly transport large loads. It also has some seriously cool and up to date technology, Bluetooth connection comes as standard and so does iPod integration. The Soul is a very stylish little car.

6 Mazda 3

You simply can’t go wrong with this stylish hatchback that majors on reliability and value. The Mazda is great to drive and features extra responsive steering with loads of grip; it’s a great looking little car that’s fun to drive, and definitely one of the bargains to be had in cars under $18,000.

7 Suzuki SX4

As well as being the most inexpensive 4 wheel drive available in the USA, the SX4 is great to drive and is packed with equipment. It also gives you 4x4 looks without high fuel costs, comes with Garmin and will give you updated traffic reports as well as telling you where you get gas at rock bottom prices in your home town.

8 Mitsubishi Lancer

The Lancer is one of the biggest cars under $18,000; it’s also well made and has a great, sharp looking exterior design. The steering is crisp and it has enough power for a thrilling drive without getting you into any trouble.

So girls, there you have it, my completely subjective guide to the coolest cars under $18.000, I hope I’ve made your decision a little easier than mine was. Of course you could always take to hanging around garages and car lots to find out which cars under $18.000, somebody who knows a little about them, would recommend!

Have you bought a new car for under $18,000 that turned out to be a great bargain?

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