7 Great Money Apps to Try ...


7 Great Money Apps to Try ...
7 Great Money Apps to Try ...

In this day and age where almost everyone has a smart phone, it comes in handy to know a few great money apps to try. There are dozens of apps available for helping to cut down your expenses, but I’ve filtered them down to my top favorite for your convenience. Some of these apps are even free, which is a plus, and most of them are available for iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry. Keep reading if you want to know 7 great money apps to try!

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GasBuddy **Find it: **itunes.apple.com

No one loves to pay their bill after filling up, especially with these gas prices lately, so there are several money apps to help out with that! My favorite is GasBuddy. This app uses GPS to pinpoint your location and let you know which gas stations are nearby and their current gas prices. Bonus: you get directions as well!



Skype **Find it: **itunes.apple.com

I absolutely love, love, love my Skype App! My husband is gone much of the time, due to his job, so having Skype ready and available any time I need to chat with him is a huge plus. Skype allows for free voice calls, free IM, and free video chatting. The app itself is free too!



Groupon **Find it: **itunes.apple.com

I always thought that Groupon was an app that was only good if you have large groups. Of course, you can get some good deals for large groups with Groupon, but that’s not the sole purpose of the app! I’ve been able to find some amazing deals locally and online for my Groupon app. Two of my favorite deals: I got a $10 Amazon gift card for only $5, and I found a certificate for a manicure and pedicure for half-price!



Hotels.com **Find it: **itunes.apple.com

If you do a lot of traveling, then this money app is for you! Hotels.com is a great app that features super low deals on everything from budget inns to 5 star hotels. You can do searches for local deals, or for where you will be staying in order to book ahead of time. I’ve been able to save 25-40% on hotel bills with this handy little app!


Grocery IQ

Grocery IQ **Find it: **itunes.apple.com

How would you like to make grocery shopping much easier and more cost-effective? Well, there’s an app for that! Created by coupons.com, this app is super easy to use. Scan the barcode of items you have at home to assemble your grocery list automatically. The app categorizes your list by food groups, and even alerts you of any available coupons! You can email this list to a spouse in case they are doing the shopping.


ATM Hunter

ATM Hunter **Find it: **itunes.apple.com

Here’s a money app that helps you locate ATM machines! It’s great for vacations or travel in unfamiliar areas. The app works by pinpointing your location and giving you directions to the ATM. You can program the app to filter your results to only show ATMs with your specified features, such as 24-hour service or drive-through access. My favorite feature about this app is that you can also program it to only find ATMs for your specific bank, so no ATM fees!


Chase Mobile

Chase Mobile **Find it: **itunes.apple.com

If you’re a Chase customer, here’s an app for you! This app makes banking so much easier by allowing you to transfer money between accounts, deposit checks, pay bills and much more. You can even sign up to receive notifications concerning your account balance by using this handy little app! It’s worth the time to try it out if you are a Chase customer; check out some online reviews for this app if you need more convincing.

I have most of these apps on my own iPhone and they have done a lot to make my life easier. I love saving money any way I can! Apps that can entertain us are great, but apps that can help us save money are splendid! Do you have any favorite money apps, or money-saving apps? Please comment below to share your tips!

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Scoutmob is an amazing app for food in city areas. Often times they have places that are offering 50% off of dishes and every once and a whole some restaurants offer free dishes!!

Snipsnap is a great app for coupons!


Pageonce is a great app to manage all your bank accounts. You could even pay your credit cards and guess what? .... IT'S COMPLETELY FREE! &#x 2764;

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