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7 Hacks to save Money on Clothes That You Haven't Considered ...

By Valencia

If you absolutely love clothes and you add new items to your wardrobe every season, you might be spending more than you can afford on clothes and shoes. But if you love fashion – what other option do you have, right? Well fortunately, there are several hacks to help you save money on clothes, some that you haven't considered. There are ways to get the latest fashions without breaking the bank. Here are seven hacks to save money on clothes that you haven't considered.

1 Cash in Reward Points for Gift Cards

Some people use their reward credit cards for everyday purchases and expenses to earn reward points. If you have a rewards credit card, you can do the same and earn points redeemable for gift cards to your favorite retailers, such as Old Navy, Macy's, Nordstrom, etc. Just make sure you pay off your credit card in full every month to avoid high debt. Discover techniques to maximize your reward points. For example, you might earn double points by shopping at specific stores or within specific categories.

2 Use the Redlaser App

Before buying any item at a retail store, download the redlaser app to your phone and scan the item's barcode while you're in the store. The app will immediately search competitors to locate the item cheaper elsewhere. This is one way to guarantee you always get the best price when shopping for clothes.


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3 Shop at Consignment Shops in Upscale Areas

Thrifting or shopping at consignment shops is an excellent way to score amazing deals on clothes. But rather than shop in middle class neighborhoods, find consignment shops in upscale areas. You might score designer and other high-end fashions for a fraction of retail prices. In fact, it's not unusual to find quality clothes with the original price tags. You can buy never worn items at an amazing discount.

4 Have a Clothing Swap Party

If you're tired of certain items in your closet, chances are your friends and coworkers feel the same about their clothes. Before donating to a local charity, host a clothing swap party and invite friends and family to bring items they no longer wear. Swapping is a practical way to increase your wardrobe without spending a dime on new items.

5 Get a Part-time Job at Your Favorite Retailer

If you're looking for part-time income, visit your favorite retail stores to see if they have any openings. As a sales associate you may be eligible to receive discounts on items in the store.

6 Get a Price Adjustment

After buying an item, keep watch to see if the item goes on sale in the upcoming days or weeks. Depending on the retailer, the store might adjust your price and refund the difference if an item goes on sale within a certain number of days.

7 Adhere to the Two Outfit Rule

Before buying any clothes or shoes, make sure you're able to pair the item with at least two other items in your closet. It doesn't make sense to spend money on something that you can only wear with one other item.

There's nothing wrong with loving shoes, clothes and accessories, but if you're not careful, your love for fashion can wreck your budget. What are other creative ways to save on clothes?

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