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7 Harmful Spending Habits That May Be Blowing Your Budget ...

By Alicia

Do you have some harmful spending habits that may be blowing your budget? If you seem to have more month than money then you may want to go over this list and consider if there are any of these things you could cut. What you cut is totally up to you. Even if you just find one or two harmful spending habits you can’t afford and decide to stop, it can help.

1 Manicures and Pedicures

There is nothing wrong with having a manicure or a pedicure but you have to ask yourself if they are blowing the budget. Are they one of your harmful spending habits? If they are, you may want to consider doing your own until you get out of the budget crunch you're in. Or perhaps you could treat yourself to them every now and then. Making this change can help you with your finances.

2 Your Daily Iced Coffee

Your daily iced coffee can add up to some money. If you are a lover of coffee beverages then maybe you can learn how to make them at home. There are many different recipes online for iced coffees or hot coffee beverages. Try some until you find one you like. The savings will add up.


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3 Take-out

We live in a fast food and take-out society. Life is fast paced and we don’t always have time to spend an hour in the kitchen. But the cost of take-out can really total up to some money, especially if this is a frequent habit. There are options for quick can fix. Crock pot meals do the work for you after a small amount of prep work. Another option is to buy some bagged salad and add a few easy toppings like shredded cheese and grape tomatoes and serve it with a side of protein like chicken or fish that can bake without you standing over the stove.

4 Impulse Purchases

Impulse purchases are purchases you make that you did not plan on making but you couldn’t pass up because it was so tempting or the price was so good. They can really damage your bank accounts. To avoid impulse purchases, decide what you are shopping for before you go shopping. Shopping with cash can help too, because when you are out of money, you are done shopping. Asking a friend you are out with to remind you what you are shopping for is another idea.

5 Overspending on Gifts

Giving gifts is a wonderful thing. But if you are spending more extravagantly than you can afford to, that isn’t a good thing. If your budget for gifts is limited, make up for it in creativity. Use coupon codes when you shop for gifts online. There are many ways you can save on buying gifts for others.

6 Designer Items

Confession time. I love designer items as much as the next girl, so I totally get the pain of passing them up when you have been dreaming of them. But you have to ask yourself, can I afford this? Is it going to mess up my finances this week or month? If the answer is yes, you should probably wait for a better time to purchase them.

7 Magazines

Aren’t magazines just tantalizing? They have all these awesome cover stories advertised and they are so pretty with their glossy covers. But magazines are a small purchase that can really add up. This may be a pleasure you can totally afford or one you choose to keep. But it is another spending habit you can cut if you need to make some cuts.

There is certainly nothing wrong with any of these purchases but if you need to make some cuts in your spending habits, they are ideas to consider. What ways have you cut your spending back? I can’t wait to be inspired by you!

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