How to Boost Your Financial Well Being in 2023 ...


How to Boost Your Financial Well Being in 2023 ...
How to Boost Your Financial Well Being in 2023 ...

I hope that your 2022 went well overall, but let’s be honest, you could always do with a little extra financial stability, right? If you asked a hundred women what made them the most anxious on a day to day basis, it’s pretty fair to assume that money issues come high on every list. Hopefully, I can provide a few pointers that might be able to make your year ahead a more comfortable one. Here is how to boost your financial well being in 2023.

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Rainy Day Fund

January is the perfect time to start a rainy day fund. Just put a little bit of your salary in a separate account each month, not so much that you struggle after each pay cheque, but just enough so that you start to build a little fund that you can put to good use in the case of emergencies. It is nice to have that kind of safety blanket in life.



If you are a homeowner, then it can be a sensible idea to beat the rate rise that is coming and remortgage your home right now. You can fix yourself in to a better rate right now, and avoid having to pay larger premiums for the same home as the years go by in the future. Take advantage of a kinder market right now so that you don’t have to worry so much for years to come.


Review Your Accounts

Don’t be one of those people who prefers to stick their head in the sand and not pay attention to finer details of where their money is going every single month. You should be aiming to review your accounts about once a week to make sure that everything is on order and you are not going over the top in any one area of your spending. Also, it’s not only to track your own spending but also to check that your direct debits aren’t being mishandled or even that you are a victim of fraud.


Improve Credit Score

Improving your credit score is something you should always be aiming to do! Make your payments on time, don’t borrow too much, stay well away from short-term loan companies, keep on as straight and true a path as you can when it comes to living within your means and meeting your financial obligations, and you will find that your score gets better and better.

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