How to Boost Your Financial Well Being in 2019 ...


I hope that your 2018 went well overall, but let’s be honest, you could always do with a little extra financial stability, right? If you asked a hundred women what made them the most anxious on a day to day basis, it’s pretty fair to assume that money issues come high on every list. Hopefully, I can provide a few pointers that might be able to make your year ahead a more comfortable one. Here is how to boost your financial well being in 2019.

1. Rainy Day Fund

January is the perfect time to start a rainy day fund. Just put a little bit of your salary in a separate account each month, not so much that you struggle after each pay cheque, but just enough so that you start to build a little fund that you can put to good use in the case of emergencies. It is nice to have that kind of safety blanket in life.