3. At This Point You Have Moved Closer to Your Goal, but You Have Not Yet Scored a Point and Crossed into the End Zone

If you think about a soccer or football player going down the field, then you will find it easier to grasp the nature of this final strategy. You have to follow an indirect path, in order to obtain your desired results. You must collect information that manages to uncover new options, and may also push you to arrive at new conclusions.

Suppose, for example that you have chosen to study the behavior of those men and women that own far more than one Persian carpet. You should not expect to find people going online to talk about their collection of Persian carpets, but you can seek out facts related to luxurious floor coverings. For example, you should be able to locate a website run by someone that has become skilled at cleaning Persian carpets.

Unlike the first step, this step does not demand the listing of lots of word-clues. One clue should suffice. You want to study members of your audience, so that you can make a helpful contribution to their next effort at either making a purchase or ensuring maintenance of a valued product.

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