How to Have a Rocking 🤘🏼 Thanksgiving 🦃 for Women on a Budget 💰 ...


The holidays are such a warm and festive time to celebrate with your friends and family, but if you’re one the many people on a budget, all that feasting and celebrating can really put a dent in your wallet. You might not believe me, but there is a way to spend the holidays with your loved ones without going broke. There are lots of ways to save on décor, table settings, drinks, food, you name it! After all, the focus of Thanksgiving is to give thanks for all the wonderful people in your life, not on material things. Keep reading for some superb tips on ways to save some cash on your Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving this year!

1. Shop Your Pantry

Before you head out with your grocery list, don’t forget to shop your own pantry. Think about all the dishes you typically prepare on Thanksgiving day and take a peek in your cupboards to see if you’ve got any of the ingredients. You might be able to cross some items off your shopping list without even stepping foot out of the door.

Start Planning Early
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