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How to Have a Rocking Thanksgiving for Women on a Budget ...

By Lisa

The holidays are such a warm and festive time to celebrate with your friends and family, but if you’re one the many people on a budget, all that feasting and celebrating can really put a dent in your wallet. You might not believe me, but there is a way to spend the holidays with your loved ones without going broke. There are lots of ways to save on décor, table settings, drinks, food, you name it! After all, the focus of Thanksgiving is to give thanks for all the wonderful people in your life, not on material things. Keep reading for some superb tips on ways to save some cash on your Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving this year!

1 Shop Your Pantry

Before you head out with your grocery list, don’t forget to shop your own pantry. Think about all the dishes you typically prepare on Thanksgiving day and take a peek in your cupboards to see if you’ve got any of the ingredients. You might be able to cross some items off your shopping list without even stepping foot out of the door.

2 Start Planning Early

Whenever it comes to anything holiday related, the sooner you start preparing, the better. You can start saving cash and also shopping a few weeks early so you can get the best deals on ingredients for your meal. Buying seasonal produce such as apples, pears, squash, and potatoes are also a great way to save. Another idea is to separate your shopping list so you buy certain items at stores you know has better prices on things you need.


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3 DIY It

The holidays are a great time to DIY things and not just the table decorations. If you tend to buy packaged food like gravy, mashed potatoes, bread crumbs, pie crust, pie filling, or whipped cream, why not DIY it and ask your friends and family to join in? Not only will it taste better, you can save some cash on items that you buy premade.

4 Go Natural for Décor

Don’t spend your money on Thanksgiving themed décor from the store when you can make it yourself for less. Keep the décor simple and nature-inspired by decorating with fall leaves, branches, dry flowers, gourds, or acorns that you spray paint or leave plain. You can also ask the kids in the fam to help decorate name cards or the centerpiece.

5 Keep the Drinks Simple

Depending on the age group of your guests, you may or may not need to get alcohol. For those celebrating with adults age 21 and over, don’t feel obligated to offer tons of drink options. Buy a couple of wine options and ingredients for a signature drink, or whip up a spiked punch. You can also ask guests to bring their favorite drink to share as well.

6 Buy Generic

For those items you just have to buy like napkins, cups, or even some food items, go for the generic. Everyone will be so preoccupied with the food and company that they aren’t going to notice that their napkin wasn’t some high-end brand. If you’re cooking for a crowd, think about buying in bulk.

7 Ask Guests to Bring a Dish

You can always opt to celebrate potluck-style or have each of your guests bring something. There’s no shame in having a potluck and everyone gets to share and experience something different. Just provide the basics and ask your guests to pitch in with preparing the sides and dessert. Make sure everyone has a container so they can take a plate home!

We hope you found these money saving tips for Thanksgiving helpful! Thanksgiving is time to be thankful for what you have and hopefully not stressing about money. What’s the best money saving tip for the holidays that you know of?

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