How to Land Your Dream Job ...


How to Land Your Dream Job ...
How to Land Your Dream Job ...

When going for an interview, there is no guarantee that you will land the job despite your qualifications and expertise. Some employers may schedule several interviews before landing prospective employees. Discussed below are tips on how to stand out among other applicants and secure your dream job.

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Do Your Research about the Company

It would be wise to research the company or industry. You should know how the organization operates, a little bit of its history, and its mission and vision statement. Most interview questions would be about the company and what it does.

You can research through the organization’s website or ask some of the employees if you know any. An interviewee without any idea about the company gets seen as someone who has no interest in it. While you may not understand everything, you are likely to land the opportunity if you prove to have a little knowledge about the company.


Consider It Your Only Chance for Success

While an interview holds a significant chance of being hired, it would be best to consider it as the only opportunity to prove why you are the ideal candidate. Some job interviews require you to undergo a drug screening test. If you have been using drugs, this may seem like a lost opportunity, but that’s not necessarily true.

Before you go for the interview, take time off, and go through a rehabilitation process. You can opt to use a cleansing detox kit, like those sold on the Pass Your Test website. It alters the chemical composition of drugs in your body within hours and could help you pass the screening test.

If you choose to use a cleansing detox kit, you should be cautious as it can have a significant impact if not used well. Other tips for passing the drug screening test include:

- Start naturally- you can avoid using the drug for a while.
- Follow the detox program instructions- you should do it at least a week before the test.

- Cleanse on the day of the test- this way, the detox can flush and cleanse your system wholly.

- Avoid drugs as much as you can- though challenging, this can be the only way you get hired.


Brand Yourself Uniquely

The way you present yourself during the interview influences your consideration. Though you have the skills and qualifications, your branding should compel the interviewer to hire you. For instance, share the things that you can do for the company if hired.

You must be cautious about how you brand yourself - be truthful when responding and sharing ideas. Instead of lying about your creative skills or ability to work independently, you should indicate the willingness to learn and explore challenging roles. Some interviewees tend to put on an interview persona (they appear professional and equal to the tasks), which can be interpreted as desperation to land the job.


Be Composed

The uncertainty of securing a job after an interview might cause you to be anxious. Your body language has an impression that could determine your chances of landing the job. Instead of appearing restless and unsure of anything, you should appear relaxed and ready- you should sit straight, maintain eye contact, and respond to questions appropriately.


Be Creative

It is undeniable that creativity drives an organization’s performance. For instance, if your dream job is marketing and advertising, you would want to figure out how best you can package the company’s products and attract sales. If your strategy proves to be worth a try, you are likely to get the opportunity. These career goals require the ability to be artistic and creative when called upon to do so.

Dream jobs are inherently hard to come by. With that said, they exist and need to be filled, which means it’s possible to land one. But to do so, you need to go about it the right way; do your homework, take it seriously, and demonstrate your unique offerings.

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