How to πŸ“— Make Money πŸ’° from Online πŸ’» Education ...


Making money through online education is difficult because you have no direct contact with the students who take online courses. This means that you have very little opportunity to exploit them for their cash. But it can be done and beats crappy money-making schemes such as answering surveys. You have to be creative and figure out what they are going to search online for. If you can figure out what they are going to be looking online for then you will be able to market to them and make some money off the people taking online education courses and classes. Here’s how to make money from online education.

1. Sell Podcast Lessons

Create lessons in the subjects that you are strong in and then sell them as downloadable lessons that students pay for. That way they will be able to learn whilst they are walking their dog or driving in their car.

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