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Girls Guide on How to Quit Your Job and Become Your Own Boss ...

By Leiann

Want to know how to quit your job to become your own boss?

Are you sick of the 9 to 5?

Personally, I work as a freelance writer. I have been so much more productive and happier than when I was as an "Avon Lady". Yes, I was an Avon Lady for eight years, never making a dime. Also, I started out at the bottom, before I had Wi-Fi, working as a volunteer writer for a religious newspaper. Then, before I had Wi-Fi, I would submit greeting card verses via the U.S. Postal Mail. But... like they always say, slow and steady wins the race! Right? I'm coming, I'm coming!

Maybe you are successful. But if you are not, know that I am one who knows how it is. However, not to confuse you, since I have been with All Women's Talk, I have been happier and healthier.

Melissa Alexandria's story kind of seems like a fairy tale life to me. Maybe one day. I am still learning and if you watch this video, maybe you are going to learn also about how to quit your job to become your own boss.

Melissa Alexandria
Published on Jun 3, 2015

1 Push Yourself

Push yourself out of your comfort zone. Stop doing all of those money absorbing things you do such as shopping sprees, expensive restaurants, etc. If you want to be a fitness instructor or start your own jewelry business or whatever your dream is, learn how to quit your job to become your own boss today.

2 Understand

Understand that people may not understand why you are doing this. Be patient and strong with yourself in your own decision-making, especially if you are around these people every day.

3 Visualize

Keep that photo of yourself living your dream life as this makes all the hard decisions easier. You know what you are working toward and why you are minimizing your life.

Don't compare yourself and be grateful for what you have and that you can make these changes.

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