29 Super Easy Ways to save on Water Bills for Women Who Love Their Lawn and Wanna Keep It ...


29 Super Easy Ways to save on Water Bills for Women Who Love Their Lawn and Wanna Keep It ...
29 Super Easy Ways to save on Water Bills for Women Who Love Their Lawn and Wanna Keep It ...

Is many states water bills can be really overwhelming (especially in the summer months), so if you live in one of them - here's how to save on water bills without compromising the life of your lovely lawn and plants!

Naturally, when thinking of cutting back on water usage, the first thing that comes to mind is getting rid of the lawn.

However, without a lawn, your yard may look overgrown, there won't be a nice place for the kids to play and you probably won't like the way it looks.

Good news! You don't have to get rid of your grass. A few easy changes to your daily habits can result in big water savings.

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*Scrape off scraps of food into the garbage instead of wasting water rinsing them off.

* Introduce efficient faucet aerators to the kitchen sink.

* Fix leaky kitchen faucets.

* Toss leftover ice cubes from glasses on the lawn.

* Empty cups of water left lying around onto your houseplants or outdoor garden.



* Wash only when there is a full load of dirty laundry.

* Buy a laundry machine that saves water and energy. Look for the Energy Star label.

* Readjust the load size control of the washing machine, if you cannot wait for a full load of laundry.

* Use a coin laundry if your machine is too old. This helps conserve money as older versions use a lot of energy that is reflected monthly in the energy bill.



* Place a cup that can be filled with water to be used for brushing teeth in the bathroom instead of letting the water run the whole time.

*Do not let the water run freely in the bathroom as you wait for it to be warm enough.

* Aim for three-minute showers that promote efficient use of water. The process of a 3-minute shower is; getting wet, shampoo and condition, scrub down, then rinse. Time the shower to make sure you aren't running over.

* Avoid running the water while shaving.

* Check the toilet tank for leaks that need to be fixed to conserve water.

*Flushing should not be done to get rid of things that can be thrown away.

* Place a sturdy bucket in your shower to collect cooler water then use the collected water to fill a watering can. The water can thereafter be used to provide your potted plants with needed moisture. The water could also clean a shower stall or fill the toilet cistern for flushing.


Outside the House

* Cars should not be washed in driveways as they use a lot of water and worse still they carry debris and toxins to storm drains. The dirty water heads to the oceans where it results in further pollution.

* Do not let servers at restaurants or other eateries place a glass water at your table that you do not intend to consume.

* Wash your pet at a self-preserve wash or take it to a groomer.

* Take the dirty car pledge and don’t wash it for 60 days.


In the YARD

* Consult a gardener on aerating the lawn as it cuts down on water usage.

* Ensure the sprinkler releases water thriftily.

* Skip lawn watering twice a week.

* Scale back sprinkler time by 3 minutes.

* Sweep sidewalks rather than wash.

* Shop for rain barrels to harness rainwater in then use the water to hydrate plants in the yard.

* Use mulch to reduce water needed by plants.

* Use a pool cover to reduce water loss by evaporation.

* Hoses should have water-efficient nozzles.

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