How to Sell Yourself as a Makeup Artist ...


How to Sell Yourself as a Makeup Artist ...
How to Sell Yourself as a Makeup Artist ...

Congrats! You’ve completed your education and training to become a cosmetologist! Your focus is in makeup, but you want to go solo....or there is more competition that you thought. What do you do now? Let’s head back to basics to learn how to sell yourself as a makeup artist.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, beauty blogger, freelancer, or looking to work in a salon, you will need to learn how to sell yourself as an artist in the makeup industry. Here’s your marketing refresher:

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Define Your Makeup Services

Are you offering makeover consultations? Do you specialize in microblading or eyelash extensions? Determine which services you are most skilled at and promote those at the top of your pyramid, with add-ons as necessary. There are many different types of makeup applications, from permanent to glamorous. Refine your skill set and define which services you want to focus on with eyelash extension courses, permanent makeup training programs, or consider esthetician schools.


Know Your Clientele: What Beauties do You Value?

Who is your ideal client? Who is going to want to reach out to you for your services?

○ Weddings: Consider exposure on wedding blogs and websites.
○ Hair and Makeup: If you’re looking to combine your love for makeup and passion for hair design, reach out to local salons to see if they offer any apprenticeships.

○ Permanent Makeup: Tattooing and makeup has recently gained more exposure as permanent solutions for many different clientele such as cancer survivors, individuals experiencing degenerative diseases, or those experiencing hair loss.

○ Photoshoots: Seeking to provide camera-ready faces? Seek partnerships with photographers to offer comprehensive packages to clients.


Develop Your Beauty Marketing Strategy

○ Create a business card - this will be your best aspect of your resume and portfolio.

○ Be creative: Consider a postcard size photo of your work with different looks and services that you offer. You can pair this with your contact info or with your business card!

○ Check out different social media platforms to promote your work and showcase your portfolio. There are many Instagram makeup artists you can follow to get a feel for how you should organize your social media campaign.

○ Guest post! Guest posting is a great way to showcase your knowledge and expertise in the field. Find beauty, fashion or other similar blogs to submit new content to on what you know best! 4


Network at Beauty and Makeup Events

One of the best ways to get your name and lookbook into the minds and hands of of your potential clients or employers is to attend networking events. Consider looking into EventBrite and Meetup for events near you on beauty and fashion conferences, presentation, or events.

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