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How to Start a Business without Money ...

By Sonya

This article covers way to start a business without a cent to your name. It does not give advice that misses the point like all the other articles do, such as “don’t hire an office, work at home”. This article gives you methods to start a business if you have no money at all. It is up to your own code of morals and ethics as to if you do these things or not. This article does not condone any of the methods it describes. They are merely suggestions for how to start a business without money.

1 Get into Debt

This is how most businesses start. The founders get into debt, and then have to work their way out of it. If they fail (which most do) then they have to find a way of paying off the debt or have to go bankrupt.

2 Do It Whilst Employed

This is a way of subsidizing your new venture. You will not be able to put in as many hours as you may like, but it will give you a way to prop up the business until it can stand on its own feet.

3 Take Advance Orders

Ask for payment in advance of processing an order or doing the service. Once you have the money, use it to start your business. This will probably delay your service or product from being delivered, but at least you got your business started. Plus if you plan it correctly, you should be able to use the money you make to provide for the advanced order, especially if you take lots of advanced orders and do them in relays, i.e. each new order subsidizing the previous two or three.

4 Sell Your Stuff

If you want a business then sell your TV. You won’t have any time to watch it anyway once you are self-employed. Start your business by selling as much of your stuff as humanly possible. Sell the rugs if you have to. Once you have the money from the sales you may start building your business.

5 Free Website

Many companies offer a website (with around five pages) for free, providing that if you want it to have more pages that you pay for it. Take advantage of the free website to advertise your stuff or to work as a contact page online.

6 Ask for Help

Friends, family, online freelancers and established businesses may help you start your business if you ask. Show them that you are serious and that you have a plan. The worst they can say is no.

7 Teach

If you have a skill, or better still a qualification, then teach it to others for a fee. Teaching costs nothing and you can do it in your spare time. Just make sure that you do not break the law. Some terms are protected. For example in Britain, the term “dietician” is protected by law, but the term “nutritionist” is not.

8 Free Advertising

There are free advertising portals all around you. Both online and offline. Put adverts in free ads or on Craigslist. Search them out high and low and then use them to take advance orders.

9 Partner

Find a partner with money and start a business with them. You can share the business 50/50. If you have a skill or qualification that the other (richer) person does not, there is potential for a business partnership.

10 Angel Investor

These people offer to lend you money to start a business. They often offer it to people who have no other way of starting a business.

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