10. Stop Being Wasteful

The average US citizen spends a staggering $1,000+ on coffee alone each year - that's your latte bought at the corner coffee shop, not the delicious stuff you can cold brew at home. Buy your own quality ground coffee and relevant container or coffeemaker and invest a little time and water.

Now you've got great coffee you can pour into a Thermos flask and take to work with you at a fraction of the price you've paid all these years every single day.

The good thing about money as a resolution is that it is tangible. You can see savings grow or you can have more money to spend. Find a way to track your progress that will put a smile on your face. Make a budget on a spreadsheet or download an app and then you’ll easily see just how successful you’ve been when 2018 comes to an end. Is saving money one of your 2018 New Year’s Resolutions?

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