Perfect Ideas on How to Throw a Birthday Party for 50 ...

By Leiann

Perfect  Ideas  on How to Throw a Birthday  Party  for 50  ...

Want to know how to throw a birthday party for $50?
Although Sarah, Money Saving Queen, explains a party she planned for her child, we could all use her tips for planning a party for adults! We can adapt it to our own personal preferences and tastes for our own parties, even if they are for adults.

The party was for 30 people and only cost $50.00. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Published on Jun 22, 2010

Sarah rented a local pool for $35.00. If you'd like, maybe use a local park or a local church hall, for your party.

Items for the party were bought at the local dollar store. Do you want to play adult games? Use your imagination. Dollar stores always have a nice selection of games, whether for children or adults.

Refreshments were drinks with cupcakes. Do you want grown-up drinks? Do your research for cheap ingredients for mixed drinks. Maybe serve sandwiches?

Invitations were sent via but you could even maybe make your own.

The news segment was rather brief but gets us all hyped up for the upcoming Spring and Summer season.

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Be sure to sign up for their daily e-mails and their latest deals delivered straight to your inbox! Although based out of the Tulsa area, we could all learn a thing or two. Personally, I can never learn enough about couponing. As-soon-as I do, I just might throw a party! And that's how to throw a birthday party for $50.

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