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How to Turn Getting Fired to Your Advantage ...

By Alison

Getting fired can come as a terrible shock, especially if it's your own fault. But rather than feeling sorry for yourself, you should take control of the situation and turn it into something positive. You need to find another job as soon as possible, and having been fired doesn't have to mean that nobody else will want to employ you. Here's how to turn getting fired to your advantage …

1 Learn from Your Mistakes

First of all, take the chance to learn from your mistakes if you've made any. Perhaps you need to work on your time management skills, or learn to be more assertive. Whatever led to you being fired (which was not necessarily your fault), learn from it and do better next time.

2 See It as an Opportunity

Being fired may actually be a good thing, even if it doesn't seem like it right now. Perhaps you weren't really happy in your old workplace; if so, the good news is that you don't work there any more! Now you can look for a better job. Plenty of people look back on being fired as the best thing that could have happened to them - because it opened up new opportunities for them.


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3 Should You Admit Your Fault?

The most awkward interview question for someone who's been fired is "Why did you leave your last job?" Prepare some answers in advance, so that you're not caught out. You could say "I enjoyed working there, but it was time to move on" or "the work culture wasn't the right one for me", then go on to explain what you feel you have to offer the prospective employer.

4 You Weren't a Good Fit for Each Other

It may be that your old employer and you simply weren't a good fit for each other. If so, then it was best that you moved on. They can find someone who'll fit in, and you can move on to new opportunities. There's no shame in not being the right fit, and you're now free to find somewhere that you'll be happier.

5 Be Reassuring in Your Interviews

In interviews with potential employers, emphasise that you're keen to embark upon a new stage in your career, and explain what you have to offer. Reassure them that you've learned from any mistakes you may have made, and try to place a positive spin on your leaving your old employer.

6 Take Responsibility

If you did make serious mistakes that led to your being fired, take responsibility. Don't criticise your old employer or try to blame anyone, as you could look like a disgruntled employer who will never fit in anywhere. Instead, be complimentary about the place you used to work in. Employers want to see that you can take responsibility and are loyal to the people you work with/for.

7 Use the Chance to Retrain

If you've always wanted to change career, then now's your chance! Take the opportunity to retrain or study. You're free to begin a new stage in your working life. You could take a training course or start your own business, so look for help and advice to get you on the road.

Getting fired doesn't mean that other employers will consider you unsuitable for their firm. Chances are that your old employer won't give you a bad reference anyway, or tell your prospective employer that you were fired, for fear of legal action.

A positive person will always find a way to turn a negative situation to their advantage, so follow their example and make the most of being fired!

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