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"I Just Graduated and I Hate My Major" ...

By Christopher

“I just graduated, and I hate my major!” Ouch! What a statement! It is hard enough to get into college and even harder to graduate. And, what about the money? Some will end up with over a hundred thousand dollars in debt! With numbers like that, you had better get it right the first time. But, sometimes you don’t. You just don’t.

What do you do? What do you tell your parents and friends? Better yet, what do you tell yourself? The pressure is on. “Oh, mom wants me to do this, dad wants you to do that,” ... you hear it over and over again. It sucks man, especially if they paid for it!

Choosing a major can be tricky. You really have to pick something you love, have a gift for, knack for or passion to do. Otherwise, you may end up doing something you can’t stand. Again, what if you already graduated, and hate your major? What can you do about it? Here are four options and one reminder that might help you get to where you want to be.

1 Go for Your Master’s!

It seems counterintuitive, but it may be just what you need. You can become a nurse, lawyer, teacher, counselor, earn your MBA, or whatever in just a few more years. It is a way of changing your major without going back for four more brutal years. The only downside is, it will cost you more money. That means, more debt if you are broke. Otherwise, it’s a decent option.

2 Volunteer in the Area You like

You can work in a major you hate to make ends meet, but also volunteer in an area you love. Many nonprofits are like businesses. They need all kinds of employees with all kinds of skills. They are not always looking for experience. Sometimes they just need someone who is committed and will actually do the work. This opens up an opportunity for you to get your hands dirty and gain valuable experience doing what you love. The downside is that it may become a situation that feels like you are working two full-time jobs. That’s because you have to hang on your main job. But, if you are lucky, a good non-profit will take you on as staff.

3 Entrepreneurship

If you don’t want to go back to school, or volunteer, start your own venture. If you have a low business IQ, partner with someone who is good at business. You can do the marketing, the operations, fashion design, handle IT, wedding planning, or whatever you are interested in. It is a great way to learn, and a great way to enter your true field of interest when others say no. There are some drawbacks, however. Business is risky. Also, there is this obvious reality. Even if you start, let’s say, a medical service, it doesn’t mean you can actually work as a doctor, duh! You need multiple degrees for that! So, if you are dreaming about being a doctor, hit the books! But, for the stuff that you just need a little heart to qualify for, entrepreneurship is a great place to start. Another bonus is, there is no tuition! Ok, maybe a business loan! You get the idea!

4 Does Your Degree Have Crossover Potential?

Many degrees have crossover appeal. For example, you may have a degree in English. That means you could go into journalism, PR, or teach in a classroom. You can even write screenplays or a book. You can also start a literacy program. You can teach English overseas. But, you can also get a job at an insurance company.

The truth is, there are many companies out there that just want to know that you went to college, and yes, finished. You would be surprised how many crossover skills your degree may have. Some people use their law degree to become HR directors, some people use their business finance degree to start a bakery because they finally admitted they would rather bake cakes! They love food, not balance sheets, but are glad they have both!

Here’s a real-life example for you. This guy I went to high school with, went to a very good university, majoring in liberal arts. But, he also had a major love for building model train layouts. He ended up building them for rich people, and that’s how he makes his living! Now, he’s chugging right along!

5 Get It Right This Time!

Passion is a funny thing. Passion can also get you in a lot of trouble if you are not careful. By this I mean, be responsible in your re-do and risk taking. Don’t just haul off and quit your job tomorrow morning, or do something reckless. You have bills to pay, like that Verizon cellphone contract! Get to know yourself and what you like and dislike. Do you need someone to tell you whether you like broccoli or not?

Understand this, if you ignore your God-given desire to do something with your life, it may plague you for the rest of your life. Again, you don’t need someone else to tell you what you like to do, because you already have it in your heart. It’s true, sometimes you have to try a few things first before really knowing. But, deep down inside, you already know.

It is understood that life can get complicated sometimes. There are bills, kids, medical issues, money issues, and more. But, ask yourself what is possible. What do you dream about? Sometimes, it’s something people consider boring, but to you it’s exciting. That’s all that really matters!

Good luck!

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