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if You Are a Cancer These Jobs Are Perfect for You ...

By Neecey

Cancer is the sign that rules the fourth house, which is connected to the home. As a result, the best careers for them are ones that involve creating a home or making it a pleasant one to live in. While they value a career that offers them emotional stability, financial stability also matters to them, and they're very capable businesswomen or men. So if they can make a good living while also making other people happy, Cancer will be contented …

Table of contents:

  1. Realtor
  2. Antiques dealer
  3. Historian
  4. Baker
  5. Gardener
  6. Working from home
  7. Childcare

1 Realtor

What career could be more fulfilling for a Cancerian than finding people their ideal home? Like the head of an old-fashioned lonely hearts agency, they're delighted when they're able to find someone their perfect match. Cancer is genuinely interested in helping clients find the home they'll be happy in, and isn't just thinking of their commission - although that's a very nice bonus.

2 Antiques Dealer

Once you've found your ideal home, you need to fill it with objects that you'll love - and that's where Cancer comes in yet again. They love the homes and collectibles of the past, so dealing in antiques offers them a career that they'll find endlessly fascinating. With the right knowledge, Cancer can make a very good living from dealing, as well as helping customers to select the items that will help make their home beautiful.

3 Historian

Cancer's interest in antiques and objects from the past also makes them well suited for a career as an historian. There are so many possibilities, whether they become an academic, organize museum displays, or work in an archive. Cancer could also write about history or even teach the subject, although they probably wouldn't get on with younger students who don't share their enthusiasm for the subject.

4 Baker

No-one knows better than Cancer how delicious baking helps create a home. What's more, Cancer rules the stomach, so they're the ideal sign to whip up tasty pastries and bread that will keep customers coming back for more. Cancer can also make excellent nutritionists, helping people to stay healthy by eating the best diet possible. They may also enjoy catering for parties and weddings.

5 Gardener

It's not just inside the home where Cancer is happy; this sign understands that the garden is part of the home as well. There are several ways to make gardening your career, such as landscape gardening or running a plant nursery. You could also work in public parks, for an estate, or in garden maintenance.

6 Working from Home

Cancer's home-loving nature means that they can handle the challenges of working from home, whereas gregarious Gemini would dislike the isolation. They'll create a comfortable home office that allows them to focus on their work. Cancer will find the best of both worlds if they can work for an employer from home; this allows them to enjoy more of their home environment, while still receiving the benefits and security of a regular paycheck.

7 Childcare

Cancer being a nurturing sign, they do brilliantly at caring for children. Helping to guide the youngsters in their care is very rewarding for them. They could be a nanny, nursery assistant or teacher. Indeed, Cancer's caring nature makes them a good fit for caring for any age group; they are also well suited to working as a nurse, therapist or social worker.

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