if You Are a Leo These Jobs Are Perfect for You ...

By Neecey

 if You Are a Leo These Jobs Are Perfect for You ...

If ever there was a sign that loved being in the spotlight, it's Leo. These natural extroverts just adore being center stage, whether literally or metaphorically. They're perfect for any career that requires an outgoing and enthusiastic personality. So if you were born under the sign of Leo, here are some careers you could try …

1 Actor

Leo's outgoing nature makes them naturally suited to be actors or performers. They love to entertain and can easily handle the demands of being in the spotlight. They also enjoy adopting other personalities, which is something that every actor has to do. Leos can be scene-stealers though, which might not please the other signs, and could lead to conflict if they're appearing with other Leos!

2 Management

Few people like being told what to do, and Leo is particularly averse to taking orders. Quite the opposite - if anyone is going to be telling others what to do, it'll be them! They'd rather be the leader than a follower. So Leos tend to aspire to management positions, or ones where they can direct others. As the king of the jungle, they could even become leaders in the military, or run for political office.

3 Spokesperson/Publicist

If they don't want to appear on stage or screen, Leos can turn their performing abilities to other professions. Being a publicist or spokesperson allows them to attract people's attention, and they're easily able to be convincing in what they say. Not all Leos are keen on becoming celebrities, so being a spokesperson offers them the chance to make the most of their talents without the drawbacks of fame.

4 Hairdresser

You want that perfect flattering cut? Get a Leo hairdresser. It's no surprise that Leo will be great at handling other people's tresses, given their own magnificent manes. They also love creating dramatic styles for their clients, and if they can produce an amazing transformation so much the better. Leos also enjoy the interaction with clients and chatting with them.

5 Saleswoman

As someone who is blessed with the "gift of the gab", or ability to talk about anything, Leo makes a marvelous saleswoman. She has what it takes to convince people they need whatever she's selling, and will do so by charming them. Leo loves the interaction that successful selling requires, and knows just how to overcome any reluctance to buy her products.

6 Motivational Speaker

Another career that is ideally suited to Leo's talkative and enthusiastic nature is being a motivational speaker. Leo is the perfect cheerleader to encourage others to live the life they want and achieve their goals. Where other signs could come across as a little bossy (hello Taurus and Scorpio), Leos have the talent for encouraging without being too domineering. They're happy when they're on stage and delivering speeches to motivate their audience.

7 Entrepreneur

Remember what I said earlier about Leos not liking to be given orders? That very quality makes them excellent entrepreneurs. They're dynamic and energetic enough to thrive on the challenges that starting and running an enterprise brings. If they don't want to start a business, Leos can also thoroughly enjoy being freelancers, as long as they have enough interaction with other people - they'd hate being on their own all day and never talking to anyone.

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I am a leo and saleswoman no thank u!

This has given me some ideas to think about. TY

I'm a Leo and I definitely don't want any of these jobs, thanks for the article though :)

I am a Leo and my future job is doctor , I know lots pf people who are Leo and like and do this job too . Anyway thank a lot!

Im a gemini and i DONT like being given orders too

Luckily, I'm a graduate of Tourism Management! ;)

I'm a Leo and my ideal job is a hairdresser! I'm not becoming one though. Thanks for the interesting article!

so true,i know quite a lot of Leo's who are extrovert and have outgoing nature.

I am a Leo and a paralegal. I do lots of research and spend hours working on my own without directions and told what to do. True, I do not like being given orders but them very well. I am very organized and get the job done without being told!

Oops, I do not like being given orders but follow them very well 👍love my job!!

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