9 Impressive Entrepreneurs Who Never Went to College ...

While I'm not saying you shouldn't go to college, these impressive entrepreneurs who never went to college might advise otherwise. They prove you don't need a college degree to be successful. While it definitely does help you earn more over time, you'll still likely face college debt for years to come. These entrepreneurs who never went to college learned the skills they needed the old fashioned way and probably don't even know the word β€œdebt” anymore.

1. Richard Branson

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Most of the successful entrepreneurs who never went to college at least finished high school. Not Richard Branson. While many know him as a major thrill seeker, he's also an admirable businessman. At just 16, he started trying to build a business. It wouldn't be until he established the Virgin brand that he became a household name. Now he's the owner of Virgin's 360 companies.

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