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7 Indispensable Products Women Splurge on - and You Should Too ...

By Alison

I'm all for sensible spending and for saving your money rather than frittering it away. But sometimes it's worth splurging on an item that you'll love and get plenty of use out of. Sensible spending can also mean spending your money wisely and choosing a quality item that justifies the purchase price. So here are some indispensable products you should splurge on …

1 Quality Bag

Instead of buying several cheap bags that wear out quickly, consider splashing out on a good-quality handbag that will last for years. Look after it properly, have it repaired when necessary, and it will justify the purchase price. If you keep buying cheap bags, you could easily spend as much or more over time as you'd spend on a more expensive bag.

2 Great Shoes

The same principle is true of shoes. Cheap shoes will wear out quickly, and will look cheap as well. Buy at least one pair of good shoes that you'll wear a lot. They'll be more comfortable and better for your feet. Like the bag, you should get them reheeled as soon as they show signs of wear.

3 Luxurious Beauty Product

Treat yourself to one really luxurious beauty product that you'll love to use. Some expensive products really do justify their price tag, as their ingredients are higher quality and the results superior to cheaper products. Applying it will be a pleasure too. As k for samples to try first, so that you'll know that the product suits your skin.

4 Silk Pillowcases

Another indulgence that is worth the spend are silk pillowcases. You may have heard that some women swear by them for helping to prevent wrinkles. Unlike cotton pillowcases, silk ones don't pull at your skin while you're sleeping. Silk pillowcases are also great for your hair, as your hair won't get caught in the fibers (no more bed hair!).

5 Your Bed

It's also really worth splurging when you buy your next bed. Think about how much time you spend lying on it, and it becomes clear why this is one purchase you should never economise on. The investment you'll make will pay off in the improved quality of your sleep and how much more comfortable it will be - no more aching back and neck!

6 The Perfect Dress

All women should have the perfect dress - one that flatters her figure and makes her feel great. It can be a dress that you'll wear all the time, or one for special occasions; what matters is that it makes you feel good. The best dress though is one that you'll get lots of use out of, by changing accessories or styling in different ways.

7 Indulgent Jewellery

Finally, treat yourself to one piece of beautiful jewellery. Buy it to mark a special birthday, a professional achievement, or simply because you love it. Why wait for someone to give you jewellery - buy your own rather than wait for a gift (it could be a very long wait)!

Having a splurge does feel really good, so make that splurge count by buying something you'll get a lot of pleasure out of owning. Splashing out on the right things means that you won't regret your purchase or feel that you’ve wasted your money. What would you really like to splurge on?

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