7 Interesting and True Things Your Boss Will Never Tell You ...


7 Interesting and True Things Your Boss Will Never Tell You ...
7 Interesting and True Things Your Boss Will Never Tell You ...

Because your career depends a lot on your relationship with your boss, you must know that there are quite a few interesting things your boss will never tell you. I know that there must be quite a few things you keep to yourself too, but when it comes to work, it’s really important to anticipate your boss’s every move, so you can be one step ahead of him. Here are a few very intriguing and nevertheless true things your boss will never tell you:

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“I Know You’re Actually Not Sick.”

I believe that this is one of the most surprising things your boss will never tell you. He actually knows when you’re pretending to be sick just to stay at home, but he tries to understand you and give you a break from time to time. Be careful not to take it too far though, because he won’t tolerate your lies too many times. It’s better to just be honest and tell him you don’t feel too well and that you want to take a day off. He will appreciate your honesty and he will be more understanding with your needs.


He Reads Your E-mails

If you didn’t already know by now, you must find out that most companies monitor the web traffic of their employees and also their phones and e-mails. So, try not to send personal e-mails using your work e-mail address and also, try not to give personal phone calls from your phone at work because you wouldn’t want to share your personal issues with your boss or with the upper management.


“I Want to Pay You More.”

I know this may be hard to believe, but most bosses actually admit that they would like to be able to pay their employees more. However, due to certain financial constraints, they just can’t do that at the time. In the future, if everything is fine, their company prospers and you keep doing your job well, he will be more than pleased to give you a raise. Until then, he must protect his investments and take care of his business.


They Care Whether You like Them

Bosses are human too and just like you, they do have feelings. Sometimes they just have to hide them from you, but you must know that they do exist. It may come as a surprise for you, but your boss does care whether you like him or not. He just has to take certain measures sometimes to just protect his investments and his business. So, try not to take it personal the next time your boss isn’t that nice with you.


“Your Child is Your Problem, Not Mine.”

I know your boss could seem like a real jerk by saying that, and that’s precisely why most employers keep that to themselves. The truth is that bosses care more about their business than about your personal problems. They want you to do your job well and expect you to be very professional when you’re at work. So, try to solve your personal issues at home or in your spare time and don’t bring them to work with you.


“I Don’t Think I Know Everything.”

Most bosses will never admit it, but actually they are aware of the fact that some of their employees are smarter and better at their jobs than they could ever be. They do learn a lot from these brilliant employees though, and they are grateful for that. Just remember that your boss does appreciate you and your hard work and he would like to be able to keep you in his company for as long as possible, even if he doesn’t seem to think that way.


Even the most confident leaders recognize their limitations and the value that each unique team member brings to the table. The truth is, a wise boss sees the collective intelligence as a boon to the company's success. They may not verbalize it, but they often feel privileged to work alongside such talent and contemplate ways to nurture and retain these invaluable assets. Yes, a silent nod of admiration might be the only clue, but rest assured, your insights and expertise don't go unnoticed.


“There Are Things I Just Can’t Tell You.”

A lot of bosses will tell you that they’re completely honest with you and that they’re transparent, but in fact, there are quite a lot of things they just can’t tell you. Even though, they would love to share those things with you, they simply can’t. It’s not because they don’t trust you, it's just the way business is. They don’t want to worry you and there are things that only concern them.

Do you feel like your boss is not telling you everything? What do you think he’s hiding from you and how does that affect you? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

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Can\'t we all just ignore the \"he\" and enjoy the article. In German, when one wants to say \"one\" they use the word \"man\" and the word for \"a Man\" in German is \"Mann\" woman is \"Frau\". No one is Germany gets upset that they general term for one to use is quite masculine sounding.. It\'s just a word chill out. You guys want the article to read: Your boss can\'t tell you things it wants to tell you? No. Everyone just needs to relax and give the writer a break, not all bosses are men and not all women, just let it go... I\'m sure if this was an article about hairdressers they would use \"she\" but my hairdresser for example is a man, would I be upset? No

So true.

uhhh this article was written by someone either in HR, or who\'s husband is a big boss at a company (the boss is a he). call me jaded, but i have no sympathy for big bosses anymore.

It's an interesting and true article! Chill out with the whole "He"/sexist talk! There are many powerful women, we know that- my boss(and HER 2 superiors) are all women, but let's be honest, most bosses are MEN!!! @MarykaImagine and @Lynn make very good points!!

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