7 Interesting Famous People on Banknotes around the World ...

If you’re among the famous people on banknotes around the world, I guess you can say “I made it” with more than a modicum of confidence. Some faces on banknotes are instantly recognizable whichever country you come from or live in, while others remain as obscure in their own country of issue as elsewhere. Here’s a few of the famous people on banknotes from around the world that you may or may not have heard of.

1. UK – Elizabeth Fry

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You’re not alone in scratching your head wondering who Elizabeth Fry is. This lady is on the £5 note, yet very few Brits can tell you anything about her. She was a social and prison reformer in the 18th/19th centuries in England. But, what makes her one of the more interesting famous people on banknotes currently is that the £5 is to be revamped and Mrs. Fry’s image is going to be replaced by Winston Churchill. While the country appreciates the significance of having the Greatest Ever Briton (as voted for in the Millennium poll by the BBC), the feminist lobby are up in arms because the replacement of Mrs. Fry means that there will be no female representation on any of the banknotes other than the Queen, who is on every one according to statute. If you’re interested in the ratio of females to males on banknotes around the world, check out this very interesting infographic: sebastiansalek.com.

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