Interview πŸ‘₯ Mistakes 😣 to Avoid ❌ if You Want to Look πŸ‘€ Qualified βœ… for the Job πŸ—‚ ...

There are certainly some interview mistakes to avoid if you want to look qualified for the job. In these tough economic times, it would be fair to say that we are looking to get that job to keep us comfortable, or for that next job that is going to help us improve our position on the career ladder. Sadly, getting a job that you love isn’t just about being the most qualified candidate; it’s also about the kind of first impression that you make when you are called into an interview. You might look great on paper, but then completely crumble when it comes to the interview stage, and this is something that we are here for, to make sure that it never happens to you! Here are some key interview mistakes to avoid if you want to look qualified for the job.

1. Admitting Nerves

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You won’t be the first person that your interviewer has ever spoken to in this context, so they will be able to tell if you are nervous regardless of whether you physically say it or not. Rather than admitting that you are nervous right off the bat, work hard to settle into the interview and the person asking you the questions will recognise this and give you more credit for it. Being too nervous is one of the top interview mistakes to avoid if you want to look qualified for the job.

2. Not Preparing

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You wouldn’t go into an exam without having done any kind of studying, so why should an important job interview be any different? Read up on the basics of the business that you are hoping to become a part of, and make sure that you have lots of answers prepared for the stock questions that always come up in job interviews. Where do you see yourself in five years, what are your strengths and weaknesses, that kind of stuff!

3. One Word Answers

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Try your very hardest not to answer the interviewer’s questions in only one word. "Yes" and "no" might do for an interrogation at teacher/parent conference, but when you need to start paying the bills, it’s important to be enthusiastic and eloquent and show that you can be enigmatic and personable. Nobody wants to work with somebody who they don’t think will contribute to the culture of the work environment.

4. Not Asking Questions

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Always go to an interview prepared with a few questions of your own to ask, rather than being completely neutral and passive. Potential employers like it when you appear to have a genuine interest in their operation, and it shows that you aren’t just turning up with the hope of making some money.

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