Legit Ways to Make Money for Girls Looking for More Cash ...


Legit Ways to Make Money for Girls Looking for More Cash ...
Legit Ways to Make Money for Girls Looking for More Cash ...

Looking for some legit ways to make money?

These days, there are thousands of websites and blogs devoted to how to earn extra money. But are they realistic? Hardly. The following are some trustworthy ways a girl can earn some trustworthy money...NOW.

If you need some quick cash, here are some legit ways to make money.

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There are many on-line survey platforms that pay you to participate. Answer surveys, earn points, then redeem them for gift cards. This opportunity is reliable and reputable among surveys and is one of the most legit ways to make money.


Get Paid to Tweet

Advertisers pay you to spread their messages on Twitter. The more active you are, the more money you can make. Make 1 to 5 figures each message and be paid by check or PayPal.


Sell Crafts

Open a store in 5 minutes, 100% fee free, selling anything you have made and as many as you like. Whatever you charge is what you earn. Keep all the money! Pay is by PayPal.


Sell Photos

Know all of those photos you have saved? Download them and you can earn 25 cents each! The more the merrier!


Design "catchy" Tee-shirts

Design your shirt (you can use website-provided graphics if you cannot draw), set a price, add a goal, then start selling. They handle the rest! You keep the profit.


Make Political Phone Calls

Work at home talking to people across the United States by phone, identifying and interviewing supporters for a political issue. Pay is $11.00 an hour and you can rack some good extra cash in your free time.


Read E-mails

When e-mails with advertisements are sent to you, you can actually make money off of them. Look at the ad, click "confirm e-mail". It takes only a few seconds. You earn 2 cents for every e-mail!


Become a Bud!

For up to $50.00 an hour, paying users contact you to attend concerts, sporting events, family functions or just talk! You can work on your own schedule and do fun things at the same time!


Write Slogans

Your slogans will go on novelty buttons, magnets and stickers. Pay is $50.00 for each accepted slogan at some companies.


Write Poetry

Poems accepted by online or print publications can net you some big extra cash. All of that doodling in notebooks about love, life, etc. just might pay off!

Master this list of side hustles and say "See ya" to being poor.

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