7 Lies in Your Resume That Will Get You Fired ...

In order to get that awesome job that you’ve always dreamed of, you might be tempted to add a few little, and apparently innocent, lies in your resume. Well, you should definitely reconsider your decision because nowadays, these lies in your resume are very easy to spot. A lot of companies can verify your professional background and sometimes this might even cost you your job. So, here are the things you should never lie about in your resume:

1. Incorrect Information regarding Your Education

Make sure that the information regarding your education is always 100% accurate because these kinds of lies are very easy to verify, since institutions internationally offer this information to a lot of recruiters as public records. I’m sure you all know the case of Scott Thompson, a former Yahoo executive who was forced to resign because apparently he never got a computer science degree from Stonehill College as he wrote in his resume. So, that’s why it’s best to avoid these lies in your resume so they won’t hurt your career.