Love Writing? Here is How You Can Start Freelance Writing and Make Some Money along the Way ...


If you have a strong passion for writing, consider a career as a freelance writer. There's nothing more fulfilling than spending your days doing what you love. Unfortunately, some people don't pursue their passions. But if you don't take a chance while young, you might miss out on the career choice of a lifetime. If you love writing, here's how to become a freelance writer, and make some cash along the way.

1. Don't Kid Yourself

You might sit around writing short stories, poems or thinking of creative article ideas, but becoming a freelance writer takes more than interest -- you need skills. Be honest about your writing skills. You don't need a degree to become a freelance writer, but you will need to know the basics of crafting a sentence. This might require taking a few English or writing courses, or completing online tutorials to hone your skills.

Don't Be a Cry Baby
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