Male Dominated Businesses Women Should Consider Getting into ...


Male Dominated Businesses Women Should Consider Getting into ...
Male Dominated Businesses Women Should Consider Getting into ...

Women aren’t just staying focused and minding their business, they are minding their own businesses. According to an article on, women own 12.3 million (U.S.) businesses in 2018, or 40% overall.

The stats are familiar. The stereotypes are also familiar. When you think of women starting a business, people typically think of things like candle shops, boutiques, fashion consignment and hair salons. All of those and many others are great businesses, but what are some of the other opportunities out there for women? Can you still be sexy, if your business venture isn’t?

Here are a few opportunities to make your fortune, that you may not have considered.

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Government Contracts

The government needs all kinds of everything. For example, public school systems need boring things like, white boards and chalk erasers. These things don’t just appear out of nowhere. Some company, somewhere was commissioned to produce them. Schools also need cafeteria trays and yellow paint for the parking lot. Again, somebody has to produce them. The high school frozen pizza might be nasty, but someone produced it! Count the number of public schools in any any given state. Now multiply that times, pizza every Thursday for an entire school year. It isn’t sexy, but it is big business. The military has needs, government offices have needs, this even includes a wide range of IT. Do you think the government is producing salt for snow plows in the winter, or are they buying it from a supplier? Again, it isn’t sexy, but there is a fortune to be made. You just have to do your research, find the right opportunity for you, and start bidding on the contract.


Franchise Ownership

Starting a business can be very complicated. Running it can be even more complicated. The beauty of owning a franchise is that, the owner of the franchise provides you with everything you need to duplicate and run a copy of their business, which is already been proven to work. In other words, it comes with a manual and the expertise. You just need the right location, the required startup money and a little hard work. There are familiar franchises like McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Foot Locker, Subway, and Starbucks. The startup costs vary. If you really want to go big, you can open a Target, Home Depot or even midsize franchise like a Mercedes car dealership. The Mercedes dealership might be sexy, but the others aren’t necessarily. What is sexy, is the amount of money you can make if you put in the time, investment and hard work!


Industrial Type Businesses

What about opening a car parts manufacturing business? What about a heavy equipment construction company? What about a company that makes small refrigerators for small offices and college students? What about a company that creates and manufactures the next exercise equipment craze? These are very technical and industrious type businesses to go into. They are also very labor intensive and not easy to pull off. But, who is tougher than a woman with a dream? There is a great opportunity for any woman willing to put in the work. If it were easy, everybody would be doing it. There isn’t anything sexy about manufacturing a new wrench to sell at Lowell’s, but there is an opportunity if you have what it takes.

The truth is, a hard-working businesswoman is sexy no matter what business she is in. If starting a business is for you, get the ball rolling. And remember, “cute” isn’t always where the opportunity is.


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