11 Marvelous Money-saving Tips That Every Girl Needs to Know ...


If you’re looking to be more selective in your spending in the new year, I’ve got some fabulous money-saving tips you’ll want to try. Saving money has always been a challenge for me because there always seems to be some kind of emergency, unexpected bill or unexpected find and I just end up spending what I save! So, I decided to search the web for some simple money-saving tips that even a pseudo spendthrift like myself can follow. Even if you’re a master at saving money, you might find some new ideas on how to save even more!

1. Avoid Sales

Avoiding sales is one of the unexpected yet highly effective money-saving tips to remember. Although it might sound contradictory, shopping sales is a good way to get into debt, buy more than you need and spend money that you didn’t even want to spend. If you need something and you can find it on sale then by all means, get it. However, shopping just because there is a sale is where we often get into trouble. Avoid dropping into stores just because they’re advertising sales and unsubscribe your email from store sale alerts and flash sale sites to avoid temptation.

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